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Imago Relationship Therapy is a unique approach to marital and couples therapy based on the theory and techniques first presented by Dr. Harville Hendrix in his books "Getting the Love You Want" and "Keeping the Love You Find".

Termed "Imago Therapy," this work is based on the premise that our childhood experiences form an unconscious image or IMAGO of love. These images play a powerful role in the formation of our own identity and our choice of a partner.

Often these unconscious forces that attract us to our partner are also the source of conflicts and power struggles that develop in any committed relationship.

This approach to therapy is designed to maximize the emotional safety of both partners as they work together to improve their relationship. It provides a safe and efficient method to help couples:

* Shift from blame to cooperation
* Develop better communication skills that help break the destructive cycle of relating.
* Learn new tools to renew their friendship, love and passion.

The goal of Imago Therapy is to free us from the power struggle and set us on the path to real love.

Imago Relationship Therapy is for couples who:

* Want to enrich a good relationship
* Are just beginning a relationship
* Would like to resolve conflicts
* Wonder if their relationship can survive

This approach to relationships helps couples to:

* Express feelings safely
* Heal old wounds and grow
* Break destructive cycles of relating
* Establish a deeper level of trust
* Re-establish excitement with each other

Imago Therapy is also for singles who want to:

* Understand past relationships
* Prepare for healthy relating
* Break destructive patterns
* Put old hurts to rest
* Create a fulfilling relationship

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